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This book has been in my heart for several years and I am excited to announce the release of Lessons From Eve.  So many women are dealing with self-sabotaging behaviors and relinquishing their crowns.  The lessons in this book will help you realize just how valuable you are to God.

Do you feel trapped by your past? Do you constantly compare yourself to others or feel like you are not good enough?  These attacks on your self-worth from the negativity of the world may cause you to miss what God truly desires for you.

It's time to own who you are in Jesus:

  • Recognize the inner majesty God has given you

  • Protect you heart and the boundaries of your life

  • Watch closely when things look too good

  • Be wary of devious distractions

  • Use your influence with wisdom

Learn to recognize the subtle deceptions of the enemy and take back your true and glorious identity in Christ Jesus!

Today, you can help MiChelle get the word out about this important book by joining the Lessons From Eve Launch Team.


What Is Required?

  1.  Purchase the book from one of these vendors:

  2.  Read the book.

  3.  Agree to write a book review on Amazon. 

What You Get

  1. A free digital copy of Lessons From Eve emailed to you.

  2. Access to an exclusive Zoom Book discussion, hosted by MiChelle Ferguson. 

  3. Exclusive access to a private Lessons from Eve Facebook Group.

Join the Team! Spaces are limited and running out fast!

To apply for the Lessons From Eve Launch Team, fill out the form below:

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