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The Lessons from Eve Study Guide includes 12 weeks/sessions of content for group and personal study. 



This study guide is an accompaniment to the book Lessons from Eve. While it is best for group members to read the associated chapter that will be covered in the session, this guide does provide small summaries for each section that will allow anyone to participate each session.


Each session is formatted to maximize the impact of each lesson by providing scriptures, discussion questions and prayer. Accompanying video sessions are also available for purchase at:



Each session provides an opportunity to benefit from the study each lesson even in a personal setting. Thoughtfully and prayerfully journaling answers to the discussion questions in the spaces provided will help to deepen the revelation and thus the impact of each lesson.


Buying for a group of 5 or more? Use CODE: GROUP to get 1 free for every 4 books purchased. 

Lessons from Eve Study Guide: A 12-Session Small Group Study For Women

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